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Allegheny Settlement Company
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Why Title Insurance?
Why Get A Survey?

  • Obtain no-lien letters and title search.
  • Contact the Buyer, Seller, Realtors, and Lender for Introduction and Scheduling.
  • Obtain homeowners insurance, survey, Mortgage payoffs and commission statement.
  • Examine title search.
  • Identify and clear objections.
  • Prepare Title Commitment
  • Obtain loan package, review Lender conditions.
  • Copy loan package for Buyer.
  • Organize file.
  • Determine which bills are paid at closing and which are paid outside of closing (P.O.C.).
  • Prepare Settlement Statement (HUD-1).
  • Copy and fax to all parties.
  • Cut checks for closing and balance transaction (incoming = outgoing funds).
  • Prepare Deed and Seller Affidavits
  • Travel to Closing and Conduct Closing.
  • Notarize Closing documents, note check changes on balance sheet.
  • Deposit Buyer Funds and/or Lender funds.
  • Verify incoming wire amount.
  • Copy all documents.
  • Complete Lender documents.
  • Overnight original Lender documents back to Lender.
  • Mail disbursements (checks not given at Closing).
  • Overnight original Deed and Mortgage to Recorder of Deeds.
  • Receive recorded documents.
  • Copy for file.
  • Prepare Title Insurance Policies.
  • Send Deed and Owner's Title Policy to Owner.
  • Send Mortgage and Lender's Policy of Title Insurance to Lender.
  • Send copy of policies to Title Insurance Underwriter.
  • Coordinate payment of final water and sewage bills.
  • Make necessary refunds to Seller.

Allegheny Settlement Company, Inc.
10475 Perry Highway, Suite 200
Wexford, PA  15090
Phone: (724) 933-1960
Fax: (724) 933-1955